bureauB&WAs part of the Secret Garden Project Lewisham,  artist Rebecca Beinart undertook a three month residency (summer 2013) exploring Sue Godfrey Nature Park; a small and inconspicuous wild land, wedged amongst residential blocks in the heart of Deptford which has become a haven for wildlife.

Originally the site of the Parry’s pottery works, when industry trades began to diminish in Deptford it was left as a wasteland, with parameters ringed and only the ruins of a 17th century kiln as a nod to its past. However, after a lengthy campaign by local residents, Sue Godfrey Nature Park was established in 1984, opening the site back up to the public and wildlife alike and who have since successfully fought off several attempts for redevelopment.

Drawing on the rich history of local activism, trade and green spaces in Deptford, Rebecca Beinart hosted a series of medicine making workshops, conversations and shared meals. The project sought to open up wider questions around urban ecology, local knowledge and land use in cities.

This commission is part of The Secret Garden Project; curated and produced by UP Projects.


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